“We have had the pleasure of having Kara Lyn. She is so upbeat with her great attitude. My residents always look forward to having her come and perform. Her piano skills are one of a kind. We just love her variety. I personally love the fact that she gets involved with the residents and makes them feel good. Thank you,
Kara Lyn, for your wonderful performances & will look forward to see you again.”
–Debbie Hone / Golden Living of Taylorsville

“Kara Lyn gives a fun-filled show with lots of variety and excitement. Residents look forward to hear her music every month.”
–Highland Care Center Recreation Dept.

“Kara Lyn Roundy started coming to our community in February of 2010. Her performances have been refreshing and very colorful. Family members and residents have commented on how much they enjoy and look forward to her appearances. She is a very talented and skilled addition to our regularly scheduled performers.”
–Evan Young / Silverado Senior Living Aspen Park

“The residents enjoyed it. You are very talented.”
–Linnea Ross / Cottonwood Creek

“We always look forward to your visits here at Alta Ridge. The residents love your upbeat spirit and kindness. You are always so caring with them. You play songs they like and can get involved with. You are a great entertainer for them and I can say that you are one of their favorites. Thank you for all the hard work you put into your service for us.”
–Kristen Devore / Alta Ridge in Sandy

“Great music and very enthusiastic performer. Loves to engage the residents in every song being performed. Very nice performance!”
–April Beatty / Sunrise of Sandy

“Kara Lyn is incredibly talented with a wonderful voice and amazing piano skills. She truly cares about the audience and if they are having a good time. She had them laughing and singing along with her. I would not hesitate to recommend her to any group wanting great entertainment.”
–Darylne McPheeters / Sunday Anderson Westside

“I would highly recommend Kara Lyn. She is amazing! Kara Lyn is a fantastic singer and is an incredible piano player. Kara Lyn is able to draw in and get our Alzheimers, Dementia residents involved in her performance. Great performer with a wonderful, warm personality. Kara Lyn would be welcomed back to our facility. The residents loved her performance.”
–Paula Heugly / Alta Ridge Alzheimers in South Jordan, Community Manager

“The enthusiasm that you bring to our center is great. You keep our seniors involved. Your attitude is very professional and positive which reflects to our seniors. I think the response from our seniors is very positive, which is what I like. One amazing note is the way you took one of our seniors that was feeling sad (whose wife had just passed on) and really uplifted his emotions and spirit. For that, I am greatly appreciative and so are our seniors. You always seem to play great music that they can relate to.”
–Matthew Dodge / Magna Kennicott Senior Center

“Kara Lyn has a special talent that brings the music to life for those who listen. We are thrilled to have her come to our community. We also look forward to many returns.”
–Kaye Baker / Cottonwood Creek Retirement Community, Program Director

“Kara Lyn is wonderful with our residents. She plays so beautifully and retains the attention of our residents. She is an electrifying, radiating, wonderful entertainer that brightens our spirits.”
–Kelly Cline / Brighton Gardens, Recreational Therapist

“The program was greatly enjoyed by the residents because the performer interacted well with the residents. She made the program about more than the music by including trivia and taking requests. Her personality really kept the program alive and enjoyable. Thank you.”
–Ashley / St. Joseph Villa

“She was great. The residents love her. She’s very upbeat and happy. She was the best. We would like her to come back.”
–Allie Tiede, Tech / Green Gables

“We have loved having Kara Lyn perform at The Wentworth at East Millcreek. She is so energetic, plays a wide selection of music and makes each performance fun. Kara Lyn has gotten to know a number of our residents and has shown that she truly cares about them. We look forward to the days Kara Lyn performs here!”
–Elise Crosby, Programs Director / The Wentworth at East Millcreek

“We think you are great! WOW!!” This was included with a full of signatures from all the folks there that was secretively passed around while I was performing!
–Junie Pons / Taylorsville Senior Center

“Thank you so much for coming to play for our residents and helping them be active and involved! I know you truly made the Veteran’s feel very special! Most of the residents don’t like to do sing-alongs but you had their attention and got them involved without making them have to do too much, and they had fun.
–Zack Bricker / The Coventry, Front Desk Concierge

“We look forward to the socials that Kara Lyn is scheduled to play for. Her musical talent and happy, energetic style put a smile on all of our residents’ faces as soon as the music begins! The residents enjoy not only her music but her appropriate and fun-loving interactions with the audience. Kara Lyn is an entertainment treasure.”
–Kris Dierden / Emeritus @ Salt Lake City, Life Enrichment Director

“Thank you for coming. Our residents really enjoy your upbeat musical performances.”
–Michael S. Blatt / Woodland Park Care Center, TRT

“Kara Lyn has performed at our senior center two times. She is absolutely fantastic! She has an energetic and contagious enthusiasm for what she does and lights up our environment here in a delightful way! Always positive comments and seniors want to know when she is coming back!”
–Phil Hofeling / Riverton Senior Center, Center Supervisor

“Kara Lyn was very good with our residents. She was super friendly and really engaged them well in a sing-along. Her piano skills and singing are superb. She is a very talented entertainer and we would definitely book her again.”
–Autumn / Sarah Daft Home, Office Assistant

“Kara Lyn is a very talented performer. The seniors loved her and have requested her to come back again. She interacts very well with them. She is a fun, lively person.”
–Karen Henderson & T. Johnson / Golden Years; Office Specialist, Volunteer Coordinator

“Love the energy. And very talented. Very interactive. Love seeing the residents sing along. I didn’t see one resident asleep. Residents all gave you two thumbs up. Thank you.”
–Jamie Post / Trinity Care Center, Activities Director

“Kara Lyn has a beautiful voice and I love how she explains what the song is. I also loved the variety of music. Thanks so much for coming – hope to see you again.”
–Kelli Knoble / Alta Ridge Sandy, Activities Director

“Upbeat, engaging style. Residents enjoyed the varied songs and sing-alongs that covered a wide range of musical styles. Loved it!”
–Debi Cash / Paramount Health Care and Rehab, Recreation Therapist

“Kara Lyn plays the kind of music our people really like. She knows how to make the program fun – a true entertainer.”
–Janet Lauritzen / Columbus Senior Center, Programs Specialist

“The patrons seemed to enjoy the wide variety of songs. The high energy is great!”
–Diane Pearson / Club Vision, Supervisor

“Kara Lyn was extremely entertaining, very personable and friendly. Had a lot of energy and was great for our facility. Even while not feeling well, put on a great show.”
–Melissa Snow / Mt. Olympus Rehab, Recreation Director

Kara Lyn was very personable and energetic. She really communicated with her audience and got them involved in her program. Her choice of music was exceptional. She is an incredible piano player and I think she touched a lot of the residents’ hearts. One gentleman I saw had tears in his eyes. Very entertaining!”
–Bobbi Mackay / Legacy Retirement South Jordan, Assistant Activity Director

She was great! Kept the residents entertained the whole hour. She was very involved with the residents.”
–Jackie Achter / Legacy House of Ogden, Recreation Director

“Kara Lyn’s program brought tears and laughter! We loved her music selections and variety of classical, jazz and soft modern. Her passion for music is contagious – we all felt uplifted from attending her performance. We’ll look forward to her “Cher” event! Great audience involvement.”
–Brenda Rector / Harrison Regent Retirement Community, Enrichment Coordinator

“Kara Lyn was spectacular. Kept the resident smiling and enjoying the moment. Very talented in music and personality. Would recommend for any event.”
–Louis Matthews / St. Joseph Villa, Recreation Therapy, TRT

“Kara Lyn is so personable and genuinely likeable. Her talents are multi-generational and entertaining. For an elderly population this is so important: show tunes, TV themes, pop songs, classical – Kara Lyn does it all!”
–Steve Auerbach / Reliable Home Health

“This was very entertaining and lively. Kara Lyn was beautiful to listen to and look at. Very interactive with the seniors. Piano playing very professional. Brought the audience into the music. Very upbeat and lively performance. This is a clean, fun performance.”
–Janet / M. E. S. H., Activity Director

“Kara Lyn, we were touched and moved by your music last evening. You have a natural inviting and beautiful way of sharing your talent and engaging the audience while you perform. During your performance I was aware of some of the Alzheimer patients singing with you. It was remarkable to me that you have the ability to bring these songs to their lips and happiness to hearts. Thanks so much.”
–Sharon Gough / VA Nursing Home, Foothill Stake Branch Presidency

“Simply amazing! The energy that Kara Lyn brings to the floor is invigorating and a breath of fresh air. A genre for all generations!”
–Joe Fernandez / Arlington Hills, Recreational Therapy

The show was absolutely wonderful! The residents really enjoyed it! We can’t wait for the next show!
–Kerry Nelson / Trinity Care Center, Activity Assistant

“Kara Lyn is a ball full of energy and fun. The residents and staff all enjoy her fun personality and extraordinary talent. She engages the residents and gets them involved and feeling special. We appreciate her so much and the residents love her as a regular performer.”
–Sheri Angell / Golden Living, Life Enhancement Manager

“Absolutely amazing!!! Beautiful voice. Everyone loves her. I hope she comes back again and again!”
–Amy Huff / Rocky Mt. Care Riverton, Activities Director

“Warmth was the first thing about Kara Lyn I saw when she walked in. I know the residents loved the music and the stories that came with each to make them all personal.”
–Virginia Hurley / Wentworth @ East Millcreek, Activities Director

“We love having you come to perform because you are so enthusiastic and energetic. We appreciate that you add your own spice to your performances and keep everyone involved. Thank you for your consideration of our clients.”
–Ashley Spencer / Neighborhood House, Program Coordinator

“Super Great! Really connected with the residents. Full of energy. Would be excellent to have her back any time.”
–Matt Farr / Legacy Village, Activities Assistant

“Kara Lyn was very fun and entertaining, my residents, staff and I really enjoyed all of her talent she possesses. She is a very fun and likeable entertainer. I would definitely want her to perform again here at my facility.”
–Kinzy Sturdivant / Majestic Care and Rehabilitation, TRT Activities Director

“Being a lifelong musician myself, I cannot help but comment on Kara Lyn’s inspiring, beautiful renditions of all of the music we wanted to hear this evening! As the true professionals play and sing, she makes the music flow beautifully, making it an extension of her soul, mind, spirit, hands, voice. Good to hear music from the soul. Thank you.”
–Richard Lynn Chandler / Legacy Retirement Residence South Jordan, Resident


“Kara Lyn is so full of fun, talent and satire! The moment she walks in the room, everything lights up! Kara Lyn is the only musician my elderly friend likes to listen to! Her musical talent is truly sublime – from pop to traditional tunes – I’m a fan! Oh . . . PS, her “Cher” character is the real thing!”
–Teri Wood-Elegante / Silverado Alzheimers

“Kara Lyn is very talented and entertaining! She can do a variety of music. We enjoyed her very much at our community! She is a great Cher!”
–Ann Grangroth / Legacy House of Taylorsville, Assistant Activity Director

“Kara Lyn is a great entertainer, her music is uplifting and upbeat. She involves her audience with her performances. She’s very personable. It’s a delight to listen to her play the piano and sing. I love it when she asks questions about the music she plays. She gets good responses from the audience. I would like to highly recommend her for entertaining everywhere. She lights up the room, makes the seniors “Smile.” Really like her “Sonny & Cher” impersonation.”
–Lillian Livingston & Emily Pugh / Eddie P. Mayne Senior Center (Kearns), Advisory Council Members

“Kara Lyn is one of those performers you want to come back over and over again. She is an exceptional talent both in piano and vocals. The highlight of the show is when she breaks out in one of her many impersonations. Each show is different as she engages audience participation. She keeps everyone laughing and begging for more.”
–Sharon Parker / Legacy House of Taylorsville, Recreation Director

“Ms. Roundy is an exceptional entertainer, in that her performance is a total “giving” experience. She immediately develops a personal rapport with her audience. This coupled with her excellent musical abilities allows her weave the “night music” into a magical evening for all the audience. The was her first performance at Legacy Village and the audience did not want her to stop. The concensus was that they would “strike” if she did not come back next month! Bravo, Ms. Roundy!”
–Ken Bishop / Legacy Village, Resident

“I really enjoyed the heartfelt singing and words. God bless your life.”
–James B. Dant / Kearns Senior Center, Guest; For God’s Glory, Evangelist

“We love ya! And your music and singing! May God bless ya and yours. Keep up the great work.”
–Rext Mousman / Kearns Senior Center, Guest

“You were inspiring and lively. Our residents were entertained and moved. Kara Lyn has a natural personality and lively, vivacious mood. Our friends were uplifted and delighted. Hugs and kisses for all. Wow, fantastic.”
–Carol Wright / Holiday Touch/South Towne Ranch, Community Sales Leader


“Kara Lyn is the real deal. Well, not real but she’s an unbelievably believable impersonator. At my Cash Machine Workshop she brought the house down with her Cher impression. She walked away with the most sales! She’s truly talented.”
–Loral Langemeier, CEO/Founder of Live Out Loud, international speaker and best-selling author of the Millionaire Maker 3 book series and Put More Cash In Your Pocket. www.liveoutloud.com

“You are very talented and sound, act and look like Cher. You should be in Vegas, under the big bright lights! Thanks for the great performance.” :-
–Rose Draper / Legacy House of Taylorsville, Administrative Assistant

“Kara Lyn is vibrant and engaging and her Las Vegas debut was electric. I was impressed with her impersonation and range of vocals. It was an absolute treat to watch Cher come to life before my very eyes!”
–Adurey Sniezek

“To hear the crowds cheer and witness people crying with an excitement that borders on hysteria, gives credence to the fact that Cher has just appeared . . . except . . . it’s not Cher. What’s that, you say? She moves like Cher, she walks like Cher and she talks and sings exactly like Cher . . . but, it isn’t Cher, it’s Kara Lyn Roundy, giving a spot-on performance of the Legendary, Cher. To See Kara Lyn is like seeing the real thing, plus she combines her own whit and personal charm that endears audiences to her from the start. I not only personally endorse Kara Lyn Roundy’s show, but I recommend it to all those who demand nothing but the best for their entertainment needs.”
–Kerry Summers, Golden West Productions

“Kara Lyn really does look like, sound like, dress like, and sing like CHER. It’s AMAZING! And she has such a quick wit and is soooo FUNNY! It’s rare to find this caliber of fun, clean entertainment here in Utah. Once the word gets out about this show, everyone is going to want to see it!”
–Peggy Matheson, Actress; Journey Practitioner

“We had a family reunion at the park. We told Kara Lyn that my brother loved Cher and wouldn’t it be great if she showed up and surprised him. Kara Lyn was so excited to do this for us, so I introduced her and she surprised everyone with her show. Everyone was so surprised of how much she looked like Cher. My family commented on how that was the best entertainment they had ever seen. Thank you, Kara Lyn, for making our family reunion the best ever!”
–Grace Steele