About Kara Lyn


Are you ready to take your piano skills and kick ‘em up a notch or 30!? Are you committed to being FABULOUS!? Kara Lyn Roundy is here to show you how, with 35 years’ experience captivating audiences at home and abroad, as a pianist AND professional entertainer!

Kara Lyn works with only the most dedicated students who are not content to be average on the piano or stage. Because “perfect practice makes perfect,” only those students willing to commit the time to practice the skills Kara Lyn teaches them are accepted as students! Whether you’re just beginning, experienced, young, notso- young, or didn’t get as much from past teachers, be at peace, she’s all about attention to detail and fine-tuning. She works with where you are now.

Call Kara Lyn for a free consultation to see what she can do for you!!!



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